Setting the standard of care, diligence and professionalism for trustees.

About Us

What is the Independent Trustee Alliance?

The ITA is a professional association founded by Independent (non-corporate) Trustees serving families and family offices.  ITA members are dedicated to providing support and continuing education for members of this rising profession and welcome those who are serving as a trustee for their family and those professionals involved in estate planning who seek alliances with others to better serve their clients.

Mission Statement

ITA will set the standard of care, diligence and professionalism for those who have been named trustee or expect to be named as trustee of a trust or serve in another fiduciary capacity for beneficiaries or families.   By adhering to the standards set forth in the ITA Code of Ethics, Statement of Best Practices and other requirements of membership, members strive to perform their fiduciary duties with a high degree of professionalism. Through interaction with other members, educational initiatives and even professional certification ITA allows members to continually improve their skills and remain leaders in the field of independent trust administration. 

Code of Ethics

Duty of Loyalty

An ITA member must agree to identify the beneficiaries to whom a duty of loyalty is owed; frequently the first beneficiary is the Settlor, who for a variety of reasons is unwilling or not capable of managing the trust assets. The trust instrument also frequently sets out a list of heirs, charities and loved ones, as successor, beneficiaries. All actions taken by the Trustee must be taken in the best interest of those beneficiaries.    

Conflict of Interest. 

(a) A member of ITA must agree to avoid actual conflicts of interest, and consistent with faithful fiduciary conduct agree, not to engage in any activity where there is the reasonable appearance of a conflict of interest. 

(b) An ITA member shall not engage in any personal, business, or professional interest or relationship that is or reasonably could be perceived as self-serving or adverse to the best interest of the persons or entity being served. 

(c) The ITA member shall protect the rights of the beneficiaries of the trust against manipulation by third parties.  


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